Typical Home Care Insurance Package

The Solutions Group specializes in home care liability insurance, provides a hassle-free application, guarantees a quote in 24-hours, and provides the broad coverage at reasonable cost.

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Coverage for HIPAA and other Cyber Security Claims

There are three parts to a comprehensive cyber insurance policy:

Payment of fines & penalties plus legal liability and defense

If a nurse loses a laptop which contains protected health information, or a box of medical records is lost in a move, or your employees' personal data is accessed by a hacker...you can count on fines and penalties from federal or state authorities, and lawsuits from individuals affected.

There Are Hundreds of Ways to Lose Information

Breach Response Services

Credit monitoring service for affected individuals; Immediate notification with call center service; public relations experts for crisis management; technical support (in the event of a hack)

Quick response is vital in the event of a data breach.

The Average Data Breach Costs $145 per Record

Cyber Extortion Coverage

It is a scary fact of business life that there are cyber criminals that break in to your computer system, lock down your files and demand ransom to go away. Protect yourself.

Even a small home care agency can amass thousands of client records over the course of five years. Protect yourself from this emerging threat. Get a cyber liability quote today.