Unless Your Professional Liability Insurance Broker Is Your Best Friend or Brother-In-Law, There’s No Reason To Go Through the Hassles, Slow Service and High Costs of Insurance.

1.  The Broker Is Slow In Getting You A Quote (Usually 4-6 weeks).  We'll guarantee a quote in 48-hours.

2.  Your Policy Won’t Go Into Effect Fast Enough (Usually 1-2 months).  We can have it done in 1-4 days.

3.  The Paperwork You Have To Fill-Out Each Year Is Extremely Daunting.  We'll fill the paperwork out for you. 

4.  Businesses Without Claims Are Put Into Groups With Businesses That Have Claims.  (So, you pay for the mistakes of others.)  We'll put you in a group with other agencies that don't have a claim.

5.  The Broker Won’t Provide A Quote Fast Enough So You Can “Shop” It.  We'll guarantee the quote in 48-hours and give you an insurance evaluation form to help you check out our competitors.

6.  The Broker Doesn’t Understand the Industry So He/She Can’t Negotiate Additional Coverage.  We talk to hundreds of home care agencies a month.  WE KNOW what specific needs you have. 

7. The Broker Can't Answer Your Specific Questions Without Calling Someone Else.  We're happy to spend time with you on the phone and will be able to answer your questions IMMEDIATELY.  

8.  The Broker Is Only Dabbling In Home Care Liability Insurance.  (If it doesn't work for the provider, you are left out in the cold.)  Your Business Is What We Do.  It is in our best interest to continue to meet your needs the best way possible.

9.  The Broker’s System Is Not Automated Well Enough To Make The Client’s Application Process Less Stringent.  We have automated our process so that with the click of a button and a few questions over the phone, we will have your paperwork completed each year - Hassle Free.

10.  To Save Your Business Money, They'll Tell You You Only Need General Liability Insurance.  Unfortunately, Most Brokers Won't Realize the Liability Exposure You'll Continue To Have (see report).  We provide general and professional liability coverage and are still saving people lots of money.  
If Your Broker Doesn’t Specialize In Your Business, Then He’s Not Providing You With the Fewest Hassles, Best Price, Speed and Coverage You Deserve.
For over 12 years The Solutions Group has been working at becoming the premier liability insurance company especially for the home care industry. During this time, we have developed a program that NO ONE in our business has been able to duplicate.  That’s why we save our clients lots of headaches and 10-50% off their current annual costs for general and professional liability insurance.  It is also why we have gained the support of major associations and franchises in your industry. 

We do something very unique in your industry; because we specialize in your business, we eliminate many of the problems business owners such as yourself have when trying to buy insurance.

For example, below are just some of the problems you'll encounter when buying general and professional liability insurance from someone else.  At The Solutions Group, we have implemented systems and processes to OVER COME THEM ALL. 
At The Solutions Group, we realize that professional and general liability insurance is a big step for you.  We also know that you are trying to operate the best and most profitable home care business in your area, not trying to figure out how liability insurance works.  That’s why we specialize and have committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you will face at every other insurance brokerage firm in this business -- Making you more confident in the decision making process.

Call or e-mail us today and we'll guarantee a quote in 48-hours, send you a report called "3 Crucial Things To Look For When Buying Liability Insurance For Your Home Care Agency," provide an insurance evaluation form and answer any general and specific questions you might have.

We look forward to meeting your home health care liability insurance needs