Home Health Insurance

Need Home Health Care Liability Insurance?
The Solutions Group makes it easy to help you get the home health care liability insurance, workers' compensation, and bonding your home health care business needs. We're committed to providing your health care agency, hospice, or homemaker service with the quality and affordable coverage you need to protect your workers and your business, come what may.

Why We're the Right Choice for your Business 
Our hassle-free, no-pressure sales environment ensures your business the comfort of asking questions and discussing quotes without any high pressure sales tactics. We want you to fully understand our insurance products before you purchase, but will never make you say ‘No’ seven times, or employ other ‘Closing Strategies’. We hate it when it is done to us, so we will not do it to you. Just as importantly, home care is what we insure over and over again; we know your business and the risks it faces. When you decide to sign up for our home health care insurance policy, you can continue to care for your patients with a sense of security.

We understand the liability exposures that come with your business's daily health care activities. We currently serve more than 2,414 home health services across the country, and we offer our potential clients a quote within 48 hours. We provide a wide range of home health insurance products at a reasonable cost. Whether your business has been around for years or you're just getting off the ground, call us today to find the coverage your business needs to thrive.

How to get a Quote from Us
The Solutions Group knows how difficult it can be to work with an insurance agency, especially when you need a niche policy like home health care insurance. Sometimes it's hard to even get a call back, much less a quote. Our business has developed a system that allows your business to get a quote quickly, effectively, and without hassle.

You can complete an easy application here. Or, if you have completed an application for another home health care liability insurance program, e-mail that application to jason@solg.net (or fax to 866-847-7232). We guarantee a quote within 48 hours. Even if you're a start-up home health care business or you don't have current coverage, we're ready to work with you.

For more information about home care liability insurance or workers compensation, contact The Solutions Group today. We're always happy to answer your insurance questions in a timely and professional manner.