Home Health Agency Insurance

Whether your home healthcare business provides skilled services from multiple locations or you're a non-medical start-up, The Solutions Group has got you covered, literally. We make home health business insurance easy and stress-free.

We know how difficult it can be to get the information you need from insurance agencies, so we made our home care business insurance process is simple, quick, and effective. Our years of experience and hassle-free sales environment lets you rest easy knowing your business is protected by professionals who care.

It's not easy finding comprehensive, affordable coverage in such a niche market. Fortunately, The Solutions Group can provide home care agency owners with the coverage they need and the protection they deserve.

Why does your business need home healthcare agency insurance?

Home health care is a dangerous business. Caregivers driving around, bed sores, ambulation assistance, wound care, bathing, medication…they all occasionally go horribly wrong. When they do, you want a comprehensive home care liability insurance policy there to provide a strong defense and payment of any judgements.

Even the most experienced home healthcare professionals may become involved in accusations of improper care, property damage or theft that need to be defended. In addition, there are physical hazards on the job that can result in employee injury.

Every home care agency should have a basic package of liability insurance, bonding and workers compensation to cover:

Our comprehensive insurance products enable your company to care for patients in a stress-free environment, knowing that if anything goes wrong, coverage is in place.

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You can complete an easy application here. Or, if you have completed an application for another home health care liability insurance program, e-mail that application to jason@solg.net (or fax to 866-847-7232). We guarantee a quote within 48 hours. Even if you're a start-up home health care business or you don't have current coverage, we're ready to work with you.

For more information about home care liability insurance or workers compensation, contact The Solutions Group today. We're always happy to answer your insurance questions in a timely and professional manner.